The Changing Face of The City

The history of Hong Kong has always been based on trade. In the predominantly old-style Chinese parts of the city, tradition still holds sway and the goods bought and sold are little changed from the early days. A short tram trip lets us see daily life from an unusual angle before we come the up-to-date version of trade in an ultra-high rise building.

Traditional Trade

Sheung Wan is where the British first began their occupation of Hong Kong and the flag was raised in Possession Street. Over the years, the area became established as a centre of traditional Chinese trading and so it remains today. Traditional Chinese medicines and dried seafoods are the primary products and the tour offers a view of the amazing variety on sale.

In the vicinity of Herbal Medicine Street a small garden has been established where examples of many typical herbs are growing and also with a display of the uses to which they are put. In the shops, all the herbs are dried, rather than fresh. Herbal is a slightly misleading name for traditional Chinese medicine which also uses a variety of animal and some mineral products, all of which can be seen in the shops.

A Trip by Tram

From the western end we move to Happy Valley, home still of the first racecourse in the city. A ride on a tram is a moving grandstand view of Hong Kong’s busy street life. In Wanchai, on the way to visit a typical local market with housewives or their helpers doing the daily fresh-food shopping, we watch the practitioners of Villain Hitting exorcising enemies for their clients.

Modern Trade

Having seen the older faces of Hong Kong, the final part of the tour takes in Central, the heart of the city. Statue Square is surrounded by buildings that represent the panorama of Hong Kong history. The final stop, International Finance Centre, is the modern face of Hong Kong. Its name implies the change that has taken place in the trading patterns of the city in a building that reaches to the sky.

NOTE: This tour is not available on Sundays

The Important Bits

Each tour lasts for up to 5 hours. The recommended start time is 0930, but this is flexible to suit your needs.

The price per tour for 2 to 3 people: HK$2,400.
Solo travellers, please ask for special discount.
Additional guests: HK$500 each
Extra hours: HK$500 per hour


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