Hong Kong Island

Fragrant Harbour is the meaning of the name Hong Kong and from which the island–and city–take their name. It derives from the area which is now called Aberdeen where, traditionally, the intensely aromatic agar-wood was processed into incense. It was actually through a misunderstanding that 19th century colonisers gave the name to the whole island and its magnificent harbour.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the iconic place to go in Hong Kong; we go up to the 554-metre mountain top by car for a marvellous panoramic view over Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon peninsula. In the early days, the Peak was home only to the wealthy who were escaping from the heat and humidity at sea level. On the way, we can see the incredible feats of construction that permit tower blocks to cling to the mountainside.

South-side Hong Kong

The southern part of HK Island is all ocean views and high class housing and is considered the best feng shui location in HK. We pass by several attractive beaches to arrive at Stanley and a temple dedicated to Tin Hau, Empress of Heaven and the patron of fishermen. We also will visit Murray House, an old colonial building, that has been moved, stone by stone, from Central District. The outdoor market is famous for selling all kinds of beautiful Chinese souvenirs and paintings and garment-factory outlets.


The atmosphere of old Hong Kong is little changed, except for the aroma of agar-wood. Aberdeen typhoon shelter on the south side of HK Island is home to 19,000 fishermen and their fishing junks. We take a sampan ride to get a feel of what life was like in the old days. Jumbo Floating Restaurant is also a part of must-see Hong Kong and a good place to sample a dim sum lunch.

* Please note: If the weather is unsuitable for Victoria Peak (usually poor visibility or low cloud) the following option is available:

A walk in Central

The historic core of Hong Kong is Central District and Statue Square is the hub of the principal buildings that go to make up the Island's distinctive skyline and which individually tell the story of Hong Kong's history. On Sundays there is a carnival atmosphere created by the many Filipina domestic helpers who gather there on their day off.

Alternatively, on weekdays only, on the 55th floor of International Finance Centre 2, the island's tallest building, the HK Monetary Authority has an exhibition space of the history of the city and its currency, and a magnificent panorama over the city.

The Important Bits

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Additional guests: HK$500 each
Extra hours: HK$500 per hour


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