A Look at Local Life

During the 1960s and 1970s Wanchai gained a reputation as the night-life centre of Hong Kong. There is much more to the area than that and it is one of the oldest parts of the city. It has a vibrant life that a visitor can also feel part of even in a short space of time. Life in the Outlying Islands flows at a much more gentle pace. A mere 25 minutes comfortable ferry ride away from Central, Lamma Island is a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Northern Prince

Tucked away in a side-street in Wanchai is the biggest temple on Hong Kong Island. Dedicated to the god Pak Tai (or Northern Prince), but shared with Kwan Yin and the Wealthy God, this temple is little known even to many native Hongkongers. Its splendidly ornate interior, a visual feast of gold and red, is nevertheless no distraction to quiet worship of the gods who play such a large part in Hong Kong life.

Market Time

Markets, both indoor and outdoor, have a very important place in local life. Wet markets are the ones selling food, meat, fish (often still alive) and vegetables, and dry markets, durable goods, though often the two are mixed. The range of foods, where nothing goes to waste, on sale is a key to the wonderful and tasty variety of Cantonese cuisine and invariably fresher than can be found than can be found in supermarkets. But, whatever you need to buy, the probability is you will find it in the market.

Offshore Haven

Hong Kong has over 230 islands, collectively known as the Outlying Islands. Lamma Island is the third largest but with a small population and a relatively small developed area. Many of the multiracial inhabitants commute to jobs in the city and during the day the island is a haven of relative peace. Even so the ambience is always much more laid back – ideal for a relaxed seafood lunch looking out over the bay in one of the many seaside restaurants.

The first thing that strikes the visitor to Lamma is the lack of high-rise buildings and the second, the absence of motor vehicles except for fire and ambulance services and small village trucks. Everyone walks – or bicycles – and none of the 20-or-so villages is more than about 25 minutes from a ferry pier. The network of walking paths offering either a gentle stroll or more serious hiking through the countryside is one of the delights of the island together with its beaches.

The Important Bits

Each tour lasts for 5 hours. The recommended start time is 0930, but this is flexible to suit your needs.

The price per tour for 2 to 3 people: HK$2,700.
Solo travellers, please ask for special discount.
Additional guests: HK$580 each
Extra hours: HK$500 per hour

This tour is not suitable for weekends and public holidays


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